Is osteo artheitis in wrist curable? If yes what should be done to cure it.

Treatable, not cure. Oa is wear & tear arthritis & inflammation. Goal of treatment is pain relief & maintenance of function. Nsaids &/or tylenol (acetaminophen) used (former fights pain & inflammation; latter fights pain). Exercise to maintain function is important; also helps against stiffness. Moist heat also beneficial. Preventive measure to delay further wear & tear helpful.
Not curable yet. It cannot be cured but you can slow the progression in severity regular exercise using some weights but not too much without hurting yourself or taking on too much load range of motion and resistance with band therapy is also very good nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories may help mitigate the pain if it is very inflamed needs to rest use pain has your drive if it hurts stop if it doesn't that's okay.