I take dilzem 240mg x 1, dilzem 120mg x 1, victoza (liraglutide) 12mg x 1, digoxin 250 micg, gliclazide 80mg x 1, allopurinol 300mg x 1 & warfarin do they interact?

Extra care. Several medications can interact with warfarin including Diltiazem and digoxin. It does not mean you cannnot take warfarin but your dose has to be regulated even more closely when a new medication is started. Also it is important to check digoxin level when a new medicine such as warfarin is started. In addition monitor your blood sugars more closely with new medicines so it is not too low.
Sometimes. There are times when it is medically necessary to be on combinations that when not monitored may change the concentration of another drug. That being said, your physician has found it important to control your heart rate with those medicines so that you won't have a cerbeovascular accident (stroke or blood clot). As long as you maintain regular follow ups with your doctor he/she will adjust them.