I've had some depression lately and normally I'm quite a happy person. It got so bad that I had thoughts of suicide. Should I take antidepressants?

Get Evaluation. It sounds like you have seen a change and that you are struggling with your emotions. If you are having thoughts of death, or thoughts of harming/killing yourself, then an evaluation for treatment would be a good step to take.
Probably. You deserve a good psychiatric work up to determine your diagnosis & best treatment.
Get help. Having thoughts of suicide is never normal. If these thoughts becomes overwhelming, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room where you will be given a psych eval and referral. You can also call your primary care doctor and ask for referral for a psychiatrist and psychologist to help you cope with depression through medical and talk therapy. Good luck!
Possibly. The fact that you're normally quite happy is a good sign that you'll return to your normal state, and perhaps sooner than you might think. But, it would be good to take early action in order to secure a positive outcome soon. Thoughts of suicide are a symptom. It's a good idea to get an evaluation by a psychologist or psychiatrist asap. Medications can be a positive part of treatment for many.
Consult your psych. I would recommend consulting your healthcare professional as soon as possible. There are local numbers also available to help.