Help, m, 57 in suspense, qualitative HCV PCR result after three days, hep c antibody at 14 (cut off of 1). Alt, serum albumin, protein, CBC all normal.

Result? Your scenario reminds us that even if an hcv antibody test is positive, it is mandatory to check hcv RNA (viral load) to see if someone actually has active infection. About 25% of people will have spontaneously cleared infection soon after being exposed (and many people were exposed and cleared 20 - 30 years ago).
Wait and see. Not sure i understand the predicament. Sounds like you have had a screening antibody test for hcv which was positive and are awaiting results of a confirmatory test, the hcv pcr. Your liver seems completely normal by lab work. There is nothing to be done until results of confirmatory testing are available.

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Hep c anti body 14 with cutoff of 1, but qualitative HCV RNA PCR says no RNA material detected. In notes says single test not enough. My alt, cbc, ok

Probably cleared. The hcv viral load tests are not fda approved to confirm active infection, although this is how most doctors use it. If a repeat viral load in around 4 months is also negative, people are considered to have spontaneously cleared infection. Read more...