What is t-dap?

Teen or adult shot. Tdap is a new formulation used extensively to boost the waining immunity of teens and adults to whooping cough (pertussis) diphteria and tetanus.Before 1990's the pertussis vaccine was so prone to pain/fever in older kids it wasn't given after 6yo & left us with older vaccinated kids or adults that were getting pertussis. It wasn't as deadly to them, but they could pass it to babies who could die.
VaccineForTetPerDipt. It is a combined vaccine for three medical conditions 1Tetanus 2Pertuses also called Whooping Cough 3Diptheria TDaP is a booster vaccine for these 3 disease given after the age of 11 to provide continuing protection against these three diseases after kids have had their Primary Immunisation with DTaP Vaccine given to babies It can also be used as a booster for adults.