My three year old daughter has had a persistent dry cough and minimal runny nose without a fever.

Possible allergies. If your daughter is having recurrent symptoms with out fevers and signs of acute infection she is most likely having recurrent allergic symptoms. I would rec using saline nose drops for nasal hygiene. Take some loratidine otc, and look for signs of improvement. If nothing changes in 3-4 weeks then talk to your pediatrician.

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5 year old daughter had dry cough nonstop 6 days. Got steroids helped now getting worse, runny nose and coughing fits frequently, gasping.

? Inflammation. Although from the outset, it appears an infectious issue (such as a viral upper respiratory infection), the time frame, age, and improvement to steroids could also indicate and inflammatory process such as asthma or allergies. A trial on allergy/asthma medication that focuses on controlling inflammation of the airways is a reasonable starting point.

My daughter is 20 months old has been coughing a dry cough and runny nose 2 or 3days but my concern is today she had very foamy and foul smelling diar?

Don't delay. Sorry your daughter is having trouble. Please go as soon as possible to the nearest Emergency facility.
Mgt. I would suggest providing no dairy fluids, checking her temperature, and giving her some plain yogurt. If she is not improving or worsens a visit to your physician is indicated.

18 month old boy with a wet to dry cough no fever and not much of a runny nose struggling to sleep what could it be have a history of bronchiolitis.?

Reactive airway. Possible early asthma like symptoms where the baby airways ate spasming cause him to cough or even wheeze. For children, coughing is what they do verses frank wheezing. Cough variant asthma or reactive airway dz. See you pediatrician since he has had bronchitis in the past.

7 week old has a dry cough off and on all day. No fever, no runny nose. Should I be concerned? Pertussis has me freaked out

No. No need to be concerned, pertussis very unlikely at this age, your baby has still got passive immunity from you, reflux can cause the dry cough, try not to overfeed, prop your baby up or at least 30 degrees while feeding, raise the head of the bed, keep clearing the nose with saline, if no improvement check with your pediatrician.
Yes/no. The first months are troubled by narrow nasal passages & exposure to dust, fragrences, smoke & other irritants. Baby tries to flush these out of the nose with mucous but this often ends as congestion & produces rattling with breathing. The best rx is washing out the nose with saline & suctioning the remainder. Eliminate irritants from babies environment & this will happen less.

My 18 month old son keeps getting a fever as soon as Panadol (acetaminophen) wears off its been 3 days he has a dry cough no runny nose dr said there was no infection?

Further workup d5. If your son is still having a fever of 101 degrees F or more for five days, I would suggest a further workup to include a CBC, diff, plts, CRP. Sometimes the findings of pneumonia may be very subtle and a chest radiograph may provide more information. Most likely he has a viral illness which will resolve in the next couple of days.
Need more info... Fever that persists in a child should be re-evaluated in person by a Pediatrician or at Urgent Care or ED. The source of the fever sounds like it is in the lungs given the cough. It could simply be a virus, but I cannot exclude bacterial causes such as pneumonia without an exam. Fever with the symptoms you describe is certainly evidence of an infection. Viral or bacterial.

My 18 month old son keeps getting a fever as soon as Panadol (acetaminophen) wears off its been 3 days he has a dry cough no runny nose dr said there was no infection?

Cold. This whole thing could be cold that resolves in 3-5 days. If no vomiting, breathing difficulty or rash, it ok to watch it if he is drinking ok.
Cough. How high is the fever in todays day and age temp above 100.4 is considered as fever, anything below that the recommendation is not to give any medication.

My 18 month old son keeps getting a fever it did go away for a day and back again dry cough no runny nose dr said he had no ear/throat infec what isit?

Fever. How high is the fever, you may need to get a complete blood count, chest x-ray and urine test done, upper respiratory infections do cause fever and treatment remains symptomatic. Complete blood count can point towards bacterial or viral infection.