My LDL is 140. Should I drink atorvastatin 10mg every day?

In some, yes. Definitely if you have had diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke or peripheral vascular disease a statin such as Atorvastatin is needed. If you have none of these then a healthy diet, regular exercise and stopping smoking is what i would recommend. One may suggest statin however if your HDL is very low and you have other risk factors such as hypertension and a strong family history.
Depends. I believe you mean take atorvastin 10 mg pill-- as it comes only as a pill right? Anyway, to answer this question more completely one needs to know the other components of your lipid profile ie hdl, triglyceride and total cholesterol levels as well as the ratio of these to calculate the actual ratio of risk along with factoring in other risk factors like lifestyle, sex, family and medical history.