My 3 year old daughter has biliary atresia and she's started complaining of tummy. She doesn't have a temperature in fact she feels very cool?

Prob. Constipatios. This can be a complex issue depending on whether your childhas a successful kasai procedure or not. In general, the most common reason for tummy aches at this age is constitpation. However, if it continues, evaluation by your primary provider is the first step to decide the cause.
Visit your Pediatric. Bring her to your pediatrician for check up, because with the biliary atresia it's not only infection can cause the pain in the abdomen.
Check up. Children by age three who have biliary atresia have had surgery and possibly liver transplantation. If she is the one third with a successful kasai then pain could be from scar tissue or veidence of progression of disease. If she has had a liver transplantation the pain could be hints at rejection, either way prompt evaluation is needed.

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My 3 year old daughter feels cool to the touch but round her neck is warm she is sweating. She has biliary atresia. Shes also had tummy ache?

Needs medical eval. Biliary atresia is a relatively uncommon condition, and it would be important to see if she has fever, yellow skin and eyes, and whether she is vomiting. Seeing a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon would be the best course.
Possible infection. If she has biliary atresia, she likely had a kasai procedure - connecting her intestine to her liver to drain bile. She has risk for biliary infection with this connection and can develop cholangitis - infection of the biliary system. This can be a somewhat chronic condition and she may intermittently have infection which will lead to occasional fevers and sweating. This should be monitored by md.