Will a full work up of blood work show if there is any kind of cancer cells or cancer? The blood work up that we r suppose to have every year?

Yes and no. . There is no one test or group of tests that will find all cancers. The combination of blood tests, review of symptoms, physical exam, and age and risk appropriate testing such as mammograms and colonoscopy provides the best we can do to prevent or provide early detection of cancer. Know your body, seek help for a new lump, change in a mole, abnormal bleeding, etc.
No. Unfortuneately, there aren't any good blood tests for cancer. There are a few blood tests that check for certain tumor markers, but they cannot be used to diagnose cancer. Only mammogram, colonoscopy, chest x-ray or abdominal ct can diagnose cancer. Psa for prostate cancer is the closest blood test available, and is only specific for that.