If a patient has ischemic colon, how do you treat BP of 150-170/100-110 range? Pt is female w avg wt who exercises.

Pills. I am not sure of the nature of the ischemic colon problem. That can be an acute emergency at times. But in general, the blood pressure is a separate issue. It is too high, needs treatment, and if the patient is not on medication already, probably and ace inhibitor or an arb in combination with a hydrochlorothiazide would be a good starting combination for controll of the blood pressure.
Several options. If you have ischemic colon it means you have atherosclerosis. One of the things to do is to get your blood pressure well controlled. Benefits of lowering blood pressure depends on how well it is controlled rather than what medicine is being used to control it. Your doctor may use a diuretic, acei or arb, calcium channel blockers or beta blockers alone or in combination as a first line.