My child has had a cough runny nose for weeks sounds like he is choking when he coughs how serious could this be?

Not really. Sounds like a lot of drainage in the back of the throat .Need to control the main problem to stop him from choking on his own mucus.Give him Claritin (loratadine) daily or the like and a decongestant /expectorant for 3-4 days.He should feel a lot better and get some sleep at night .So do you.
Might be normal. Well, I have to say that i hear this in the office every day. Parents say 'my child has been sick since halloween', etc. Problem is, that mostly this is not one long infection, but rather recurrent colds. Especially if the child has older sibs or is in day care, the average kid will have 1-2 colds per month and therefore seems sick all the time. Life is like a rollercoaster -sick, better, sick...

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