What are all signs of a miscarriage?

Cramps and bleeding. Some signs of a miscarriage include severe cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding. Some women pass clots and tissue. However, it's possible to have these and not miscarry. It's also possible to have a failed pregnancy but with none of these signs or symptoms.
See below. Symptoms of miscarriage (things you can feel/see) include abdominal/pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, and perhaps a cessation of pregnancy symptoms (e.g. Reduced nausea, reduced breast swelling/tenderness). Signs of miscarriage (things your md can check) include abnormal blood tests(e.g. B-hcg), physical exam (e.g. Dilated cervix), and ultrasound findings (e.g.Abnormal growth/development). Good luck!

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What are all the signs of a miscarriage?

Depends. Bleeding and cramping are the most common signs. But still many women with those signs do not have a miscarriage. Sometimes even spotting can be a sign. Sometimes there are actually no signs at all. It can depend on how far along the pregnancy is. Read more...