What is the life expectancy of non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver early in stage 4?

Cirrhosis. Good question. Need a little more info> what is the etiology of the cirrhosis ?
Depends. Today the term "cirrhosis", which was once a death sentence, is becoming unfashionable even among us pathologists as it overlooks how remarkably well many livers heal when the underlying cause (if identifiable) can be discovered. I can't give you a number, but i can give you a stronger hope that perhaps you've found in your reading. Good luck.
Depends. On many clinical factors. Could be decades but if signs of liver failure could be much shorter. Get follow up with a gastroenterologist or hepatologist.

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My husband is in very early stages of stage 4 non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. His doctor told him to lose weight. What is his life expectancy?

Depends. Regarding his diagnosis, stage 1 is early and likely reversible with weight loss, excercise, and a good diet. Avoiding alcohol abuse and getting vaccinated against hepatitis b is also as good idea. It is not end-stage liver disease. Life expectancy could be totally normal. Read more...
Cirrhosis. So many variables here. Is he obese, diabetic, smoker, hypertensive, cardiac disease, immunocompromised, anemic, depressed, etc? If so, these provide a worse prognosis. Can't give a specific time. Read more...

I have fatty liver non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. L have purple bruises on my back & l am wonderin could they be the reason for them?

They might be. Cirrhosis can result in enlargement of the spleen, which traps platelets, as well as damaging the ability of the liver to make clotting factors, and both of those can result in easy and pathological bruising. Not sure why you are on both Zoloft (sertraline) and Prozac, and wonder why you aren't on beta blockers to prevent variceal bleeding. Talk to your doctor about being on 2 SSRIs and about beta blockers. Read more...