What is the best source of vit d?

Fish and Fish Oils. Food Sources of Vitamin D: Fish, i.e., salmon, tuna and mackerel Fish liver oils Beef liver Cheese Egg yolks SUNLIGHT (moderation) FYI: Vitamin D (more than just a vitamin) is considered a pro-hormone. It decrease the risk of breast cancer (women); prostate cancer (men); & colon cancer (both genders). Important in weight management. Vitamin D Deficiency: .
Sunlight. Natural sunlight causes your skin cells to make vitamin d. This is by far the best source. However, unless you live below the 45th parallel, you need another source. Milk is fortified with vit d. Otc supplements are also good sources. Qnlabs.Com sells olive oil based vitamin D3 for $12 most inexpensive and tastes good too. The other form the same company has cranberry with vitamin D3 2000 units.