Pregnancy systoms but negative blood an hpt test uterus is closed an thick nauseous bad very sore breast tests are negative could I still be pregnant?

Possible/it depends. If you haven't had your period yet, there is a chance you could be pregnant. The nausea and sore breasts can point to this. You should repeat your hpt in one week to be sure. If it's negative, and/or you had your period, you can be sure you're not pregnant. If not, and no period, you're pregnant. If you symptoms persist, and the test is negative, and no period, see your doctor to find out why.

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2months missed period sore breast nausea tired fatigue peeing a lot acne headaches negative blood an hpt but thick closed uterus could I still be preg?

Doubtful. If you had a negative blood test, which is very sensitive and specific, and a negative home pregnancy test it is doubtful you are pregnant. Sounds more like a hormonal imbalance . If you have not had a period by the third month you need further work up and a withdrawal bleed so you will need to see the dr again. Read more...

Strong lower back ache, nausea, sore breasts abd nipples also had ting of blood after wiping, but pregnancy test shows negative could I be testing to ear?

You didn't tell us. When you were testing related to when you ovulated/ had sex. Most women do a standard pregnancy test once they actually miss their period. An early pregnancy test can be done prior to that. If the first test in negative you can retest in a week or less using the first morning void. Take care. Read more...