I just got my lab results and it show uric acid of 8.2 and ALT sgpt of 41, is this normal?

High uric acid level. Your uric acid (ua) level is high and high ua levels are increasing being identified as cardiovascular risk factor. You need to see a doctor to have a 24 hour urine collected for uric acid, proteinuria and creatinine clearance. If you have too much ua in your collection, Allopurinol can be used to lower it. If you have a low ua in urine, colchecine can be given. It ua is normal, uloric can be used.
Yes and no. Your alt is within normal limits, but your uric acid is elevated which means nothing if you're asymptomatic with no history of gout. Uric isn't is recommended for routine screening unless you have a history of gout. Then the goal is less than 6. So if you don't have gout, you're ok.