How is af, atrial fibrillation diagnosed? Please name all tests and criteria. Thank you.

Many options. Electrical activity during afib needs to be recorded for official diagnosis. Standard ecg, or longer tests such as holter monitor (24-48 hrs), zio patch (14 days), event recorder/mcat (up to 30days) or even an implantable loop recorded (3+ years). There needs to be a poorly defined, irregular rhythm from the top of the heart. For more information check out www.Heart.Org.
Holter. Usualmente suspected with symptoms of palpitations, shortness of breath dizziness. A plain ekg can make the diagnosis but if it comes and goes a holter may be needed. There is a new attachment to iphone that looks like a case and can show your rhythm , needs to be prescribed and interpreted by a doctor , though.
Hah. Name all tests and criteria, eh? I think you're over-reaching. Afib is a simple diagnosis to make in most cases. A single ekg, or even a rhythm strip is usually sufficient. The lower chamber beats are markedly varied in their timing, and there's no clear organized rhythm of the top chamber visible on the strip/ekg. The end. :) every one in a while it's weirder than that, but not often.