I'd rather deal with the issues of my depression, anorexia, ptsd, self-harm & suicidal ideation myself than involve professionals, is this possible?

You deserve help. I want to say this gently- if you were able to control and correct these symptoms, my guess is that you would have already done so by now. If what you have done to date hasn't worked, i encourage you to be open to accepting professional assistance. Take care.
See below. Agree with dr. Fowler and dr. Pappas: we can do many things ourselves. However, you asking this question today shows that you might be getting ready to let professionals in. We often get stuck in situation and how we deal with these situations. What we need is a different perspective on things, thoughts and reactions; someone who can offer something different to help you become "unstuck".
Why? Nothing is ever "impossible" -- but how has doing it on your own worked for you so far? And why would you not want professional help in recovering from these painful issues? Sometimes our illnesses can make us think we don't deserve help -- but that's the illness talking, not your wisest self. I agree with dr. Fowler's assessment here, and hope you'll consider working with someone. Be well.

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What is the criteria to be admitted into a pediatric psych ward at a children' hospital? Anorexia, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation.

Many. factors can lead to inpatient psychiatric hospitalization . The decision to admit is based on the danger posed by the condition and the determination that it cannot be managed on an outpatient basis. Preventing harm is one goal but hospitalization can be required to conduct a proper diagnostic evaluation and to initiate treatment that will allow the patient to be safely cared for outside the hosp. Read more...

HELP! My 64' 96lb sister was just hospitalized. She has anorexia, depression, anxiety, OCD, self harms, and suicidal ideation. When will she get out?

Let her stay . eating disorder of severe kind that your sister has needs very tedious and specialized treatment in a controlled environment. It takes time sometimes several weeks admissions and more than one admission. Don't be in a rush to get her out. . Read more...
Good Question . Hospitalization is needed when there are safety concerns. Your sister's doctor and treatment team at the hospital will evaluate her on a continuous basis and then decide when she will be safe for discharge. Lengths of stay vary and are on an individual basis. Once she is safe for discharge, she will need close monitoring in the outpatient setting. Your sister needs your love and support. . Read more...