After radio iodine ablation for graves' disease, is a very high thyroid per oxidase ab and thyroglobulin ab result a cause for concern? Been one year

No concern. The antibodies were there before the radioactive iodine treatment. No need to follow them after. All you need is to follow the thyroid levels, not antibodies levels.
Not concerning. The presence of antibodies means that a person has autoimmunity, that their immune system has misclassified their own proteins as "foreign". Some of these antibodies can trick the thyroid into thinking that the body needs more thyroid hormone when it does not. Radioiodine treatment kills the thyroid cells, and stops the excess thyroid hormone production, but does not eliminate the antibodies.
Not calcium or D. The antibodies are related to the graves disease and can persist for years. The radioactive iodine will not decrease them.