I have ezcema pn my hands and sides of my feet which starts in september and ends in june is this form of ezcma an allergy?

Sort Of... Eczema and allergy are related. Some folks do benefit from allergy type meds for certain types of eczema as well. Skin complaints however can be really difficult to diagnosis without seeing them. If its a real problem be sure to let your doc actually look at it.
Yes. Eczema is a form of atopic disease which includes allergies and asthma. Treatment is similar - usually steroids for flareups. I would try Hydrocortisone 1% cream twice daily for a few days. (www.Chrisohmd.Com).

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Can a balsam of peru allergy result in chronic hand and foot eczema? Will not eating foods with natural balsam of peru ingredients cure the eczema?

Contact dermatitis. Products containing balsam of peru can cause contact dermatitis which is very similar in appearance to eczema. The best approach is to avoid using all products containing balsam of peru. Simply avoiding certain foods is not enough. If the problem continues a visit to an allergist or dermatologist who does patch testing is in order. Read more...

No rash. No hives. Itch so deep in hands and feet. Only at night. Extreme heat and extreme cold relieves it. No psoriasis eczema or allergy. Help me?

See doctor. Itching is a more complex issue than just something caused by histamine release. Nonetheless it does not hurt to try an antihistamine up to 4 x daily (higher than usual) to see if it helps. If not,you will need to consult a dermatologist or allergist . There are many approaches to find out and treat an itchy disorder which something we allergists see regularly. Read more...