What does asymptomatic mean?

No Symptoms. Asptomatic is fancy doctor speak for "you have no symptoms". What use are our degrees if we don't make ourselves sound really smart :).
No symptoms. It basically means that you have no symptom from it. For e.g. In subclinical hypothyroidim your thyroid hormone level might be low but you have no symptoms. Another e.g. Asymptomatic bacteuria - no pain or frequency of urination but there is bacteria in your urine. (www.Chrisohmd.Com).

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Heard chylmadia is asymptomatic. What does that mean?

See below. This means that a person doesn't feel any different, you don't have any symptoms that you would have for it necessarily. Chlamydia is usually a silent disease. Tests are simple to do , treatment can be given by family doctor , gyn, or urologist. Read more...