My girlfriend has h pylori? How does she know if it turns to an ulcer?

Hpylori and ulcer. Everyone who is positive hor h p ylori does not neccessarrily has an ulcer.If she has no symptoms of ulcer then she can be treated for the infection with combonation of antibiotics and ppi, which also cures the ulcer.But to be sure if she has symptoms she needs to have endoscopy to make the diagnosis.
Endoscopy. Untreated h pylori infection can lead to an ulcer. She will have symptoms if she has an ulcer (mid abdominal pains) but upper endoscopy will show if she clearly has an ulcer. An h pylori infection with clinical symptoms of an ulcer should be treated with 2 week course of prevpac (lansoprazole amoxicillin and clarithromycin). (www.Chrisohmd.Com).