I am rh- and after my miscarriage I did not recieve the rhogam shot, will I ever be able to carry a baby to term?

Get tested. Only a small percentage of rh negative women will develop antibodies to the rh protein after a miscarriage. Ask your doctor or midwife to test you with an antibody screen to see if you have any antibodies. Even if you did develop antibodies the chances would be very good that your next pregnancy would be relatively normal.
Sure. But your pregnancy needs monitered very carefully and be prepared if an incompatibility shows itself.
You are probably OK. Dr steele's advice is good - an antibody screen looks for evidence that you had an immune response to rhesus factor after the miscarriage. This may occur only if your partner is rh + and enough of baby's blood cells get into your circulation. Early miscarriage may not have enough fetal red blood cells to cause an immune response. So you are probably fine but in future get the Rhogam within 3 days.

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