11yo with hida scan gallbladder ef 0.0% normal initial biliary scan no detectable gallbladder ef reproduced pain with cck what s this mean my child?

Gall bladder disease. Cck is natural hormone that stimulates gall bladder to contract. If ultrasound exam shows no calculi or gall bladder thickening, this uusally means gall bladder dyskinesia. Gall bladder does not contract normally causing pain and the ejection fraction is low. The cck should have been injected in a slow intravenous dose at time of study. Treatment usually involves consulting pediatric surgeion.
Cystic.obstruction . If sonogram shows stones, means stone is obstructing at cystic duct, rarely children also get gall bloodier stones , cholilithiasis, need more info , cck stimulation with cystic duct stone will give more pain speak to the pediatrician will provide more answers.
Not sure. If the gallbladder ef was truly 0, then there is significant biliary diskinesia. May need gb removed for symptom relief. I have never seen this in an 11 yr old though. Would consider repeating the test as I have also not seen a gb ejec fraction of 0 either.