Can u treat all types of hep c?

Yes. Some types, like genotypes2 and 3 are easier to treat than genotype 1, the most common, and genotype 4.
Hep c. You still can try, but some types are harder to cure versus others.

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33 yr old hep c 5 yr will I get cirrhosis if no meds ect in like 25 yrs? Everything is low and treatable.

It depends. It takes many years (in the majority of people) to develop cirrhosis with chronic hepatitis c, however there are excellent therapies available now and in the future that can cure hep c and prevent progression to cirrhosis. See a hepatologist to discuss the treatment (i.e. Candidate now or if you can wait until the newer drugs become available). You will need a liver biopsy to stage your hepatitis. Read more...
25% chance. If for some reason, you did not want treatment for hcv for the next 25 years as treatment got easier and more effective at curing the infection, you would have about a 25% chance of developing cirrhosis. Higher risk if you drink alcohol. Keep up with the latest data on new treatments. This disease is being transformed. Read more...