What's the best way to deal with fatigue from sjogrens?

Fatigue common. Fatigue is the most common extraglandular manifestion of sjogren's. I presented a paper at the acr meeting in 2007 showing that Modafinil at doses of 100-200mg/day was remakably effective. An article, forthcoming, by myself and colleagues, in clincal pharmacology, will have much more detail. You can read the abstract by googling namey & modafinil. It will have my abstract!
Need to know more. You need to define why you have the fatigue. Is it due to the sjogren's? What are the manifestations of the sjogrens that cause fatigue: anemia? Lung disease? Kidney disease? Etc. Many people have fatigue because they don't sleep well. Be cetrtain that a sleep evaluation is done. It could be sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome. It might not be related to the sjogren's. Ask the doctor.