Why does test show I have Crohn's and the doctor says I have ibs?

Need biopsies. There are blood tests that can help distinguish between crohn's, ulcerative colitis and ibs but these are not the most dependable. The gold standard is colonoscopy with biopsies.
What test? Crohn's is diagnosed by history, with abnormal physical, confirmed by xray, other radiology, endoscopy/colonoscopy/capsule endoscopy, biopsy. Blood tests for ibd mostly help to distinguish between "indeterminate" colitis (is it Crohn's or ulcerative colitis); diagnosis is not generally based on those results alone. Ibs is different from Crohn's and uc (ibd); both can be separate or coexist in pt.

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Went ER for stom issues xray n scans showed nuttin doc says hernia, ibs, ibd or Crohn's waitin on GI doc what can do to lessen the freq pain no trig fond?

Stomach pain. You can take warm baths and sleep with an electric pad set on low or a hot water bottle as you wait for your appointment with your gastroenterologist.

Goin to see gastotologist doc thinks I have ibs, ifb, ulcer, hernia or Crohn's disease im sared cuz I heard Crohn's can kill u is that true n how often?

Please relax. Your gastroenterologist just gave you a list of possibilities in terms of what you may have. You may or may not have any of these. He/she will need to do some tests to see what is your most likely diagnosis and treat appropriately. Even if it is crohn's disease, we currently have great drugs to treat that condition - although not cure it.

Tests show inflam/ulceration/thickening of ti, CRP 100, feacal cal=232 have all Crohn's symptoms. Dr says IBS now not Crohn's but which is it? Pls help

This is complex. And serious issue to get good sense as to what your problem is. It is very important to work with your pcp and your gastroenterologist for best result. With the information you provided it would be not fair to suggest for or against. Please have follow up with your docs.
Possible Crohn's dis. Pathology from the inflammed terminal ileum should give diagnoses of possible crohn's disease. Hence, need to verify with pathologist. If pathology is not confirmed, but still concern of crohn's disease, prometheus test should help to clarify the diagnosis.

How can you distinguish between symptoms of IBS and Crohn's disease?

R/O IBS. IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion. CROHNS DZ/IBD is inflammation usually DX by BX IBS SX can be managed. You need a full exam and blood work. Especially screen for H pylori. Also stool screen x 3 for occult blood /parasite/ &colonoscopy./EGD While you are getting these items checked out you should stick to a gluten free diet. Ie gutbliss. Com and Wholeapproach. Com.

Which causes IBS to be so different to Crohn's disease or coeliac, symptom wise?

Symptom wise. It is difficult. Both can cause diarrhea. In general a good history, lab tests and sometimes biopsies will tell you the diagnosis. If everything comes back normal, then you may try what is called an elimination diet and record which foods bother you more than others and you will be surprised how often people get better if they ear correctly. Best wishes.