Is fixation of hip fracture is better than total hip replacement?

It depends. It depends on many things. What is the age of the patient? Is there pre-existing arthritis? What is the type of fracture? Most of the time, if you can preserve the normal bone and cartilage it is better than metal and plastic. For elderly, they already have arthritis or the bone is too soft for screws, etc. So the best option is a replacement.
Hip fracture. Each fracture has its own personality. If there is a femoral neck fracture with significant acetabular arthritis, then the total hip is a better choice. If not, then either unipolar/bipolar is good for displaced neck fracture. If nondisplaced valgus or inter troch, then orif vs im nail.

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Is it normal that I have so much pain in my back after a total hip replacement?

Not usually. If you had pre-existing back problems, they could be worsened by hip replacement if you have a resultant leg length difference. Read more...
No. Although the lower back and the hip work in coordination, it would be very unusual to see significant increase in low back pain after hip replacement. Improved mobility in the new hip replacement may actually lessen the strain on the lower back. Talk to your surgeon and consider seeing a physical therapist for help. Read more...