Is there any natural things to lower cholesterol, currently on crestor (rosuvastatin) and wirry about long term effects.?

Natural may help. The long term effects of statins like Crestor (rosuvastatin) are usually minimal and easy to monitor for by doing simple blood tests and talking to your doctor. Statins also are more effective at lowering certain type of cholesterol than natural drugs. If you really need to get the cholesterol down because of other health problems (diabetes, heart disease) then a statin is best. Otherwise fish oil and diet work!
Statin alternatives. Statins are safe and effective, they can help decrease inflammation. Other alternatives that help decrease cholesterol are plant sterols, red yeast rice, omega 3 oils, fiber and most important is eating better. Eat a plant based diet, decrease animal fat including dairy, eat only 1-2 servings/day of whole grains and exercise.
Fiber, weight loss. Exercising, eating plenty of fiber (fruits and vegetables), and maintaining a healthy weight are all helpful. However, the statin medications are actualy very safe, effective medications when monitored regularly.
Natural vs. Statin. Most of the natural methods to reduce cholesterol, garlic, fiber, low fat diet are safe, but will lower the total usually less than 10%. Exercise is the only natural way to increase good cholesterol or hdl. Statins are safe and very effective medications for many people who have genetically elevated cholesterol levels, and may lower total cholesterol 50%, and some raise hdls 20-30%.