I have randomly been getting a pain on the right side of my jaw, towards the hinge. No new neeth are coming in. Other possibilities?

Jaw Joint. Pain towards the jaw joint could very well be inflammation of the TMJ joint. This can lead pain in this area and even can be mistaken for ear pain. If you grind your teeth at night, it would suggest TMJ disorder as well. For people with this problem i usually recommend they start with a soft diet, nsaids, and warm compress to the area. If it continues - see your dentist or an ent.
TMJ Syndrome. A very common problem is TMJ (temporal mandibular joint disorder). It is painful. If you put your fingers in the ear and gently pull down and "chomp" your jaws, them may cause pain, gritting, popping or other symptoms. If it reproduces the discomfort you have described, then you may have tmj. See your dentist/ oral surgeon and get checked out.