Can stress cause stomach aches?

Absolutely. Many people carry their stress in the stomach. Anxiety and stress are frequent causes of abdominal pain and discomfort. If you have sifnificant problems, see your pcp, GI doc and perhaps a mental health provider. There are things to do. Biofeedback may help. Medications may help. Self actualization may help. Yoga may help. Good luck.
Stress & Stomach. In short - yes! Stress is a normal part of life and not necessarily bad. But, when it gets too high, physical clues to elevated stress can happen. An upset stomach is one such clue. Headaches, muscle tension or pain, loose bowels, and poor sleep are also physical clues to excessively-elevated stress levels.

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Can stress cause stomach aches and hallucinations?

Other things. Stress is a very general term. It can certainly contribute to these problems. However there is a good chance that the symptoms you are having are more than just stress. A physical evaluation and a consultation with a psychiatrist would be the right thing to do for these symptoms.
Only if extreme. Please see your family doctor for your stomach and consult with a psychiatrist about your hallucinations. Best wishes.

Can stress cause stomach aches, reflux and diarrhoea? Any answers appreciated!

Yes. Reflux is less likely but stress can certainly cause stomach aches and diarrhea. It should last for days on end but be more momentary. If you are ill for more than a few days see a physician.
It can. So can other causes. Important to check with your doctor about why you have them. It could be serious. But back to the question, the gastrointestinal system has it's own 'nervous system' and can perceive your stress level and will react to it accordingly, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is highly associated to stress, and has symptoms similar to the ones you are describing.

Can stress cause stomach ache?

Sure it can. Stress I swell known to increase stomach acid production and reflux. The increased acid levels can certainly cause irritation to the stomach lining and result in a stomach ache. Try deep breathing and/or meditation to help relieve stress.

What should I take for frequent stomach aches and "upsets" due to stress?

Stress. Relaxation techniques. Behavior modification to relieve the stress. Drugs to relieve the symptoms are really not the long term solution.

I'm 3 days late and only having mild cramps but also stomach aches. Bf and I had protected sex on the 11th of april 2014? Am I just stressed or preg?

Too soon. It is common for stress to affect your cycle. But pregnancy is always a possibility, even with protection. If your only intercourse was 4/11, then an over the counter pregnancy test may not be accurate yet. Wait until 4/25, and if no period yet, take a preg test with your first morning urine.

How do I reduce an intense stress-induced stomach ache?

Destress!!! I know stress is something that coems form lots of day to day things. When you cannot control the "outside" try to control your "inside". Try meditation, it should ease the stress. If it does not work, see a doctor. Doont end up with peptic ulcers!

I have a stomach ache which atacks me when I'm facing stress. What can I do to get rid of it?

Reduce stress. Stress isn't good for your stomach or the rest of your body, so it's best to avoid or manage the stress itself. This has been addressed many times on healthtap already, and also may improve with in-person professional help. Meanwhile, antacids or pepto-bismol can soothe the stomach as a stop-gap measure.
See your doc. Besides the obvious- reduce your stress, make sure you visit your priamry care doctor, to determine if it's more than just a stress ulcer-sometimes, it may represent something more serious like a heart attack.

Can emotional stress by itself bring on stomach ache?

Anxiety shows itself. In may ways. Once can mentally obsess over things that frighten the person or do behaviors to keep danger away, e.g., ritual behaviors, checking and re-checking. Physically there can be heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, sleeplessness, digestive issues, etc. Please see your doctor and, if this continues, a clinical psychologist.