I want to have a second baby and I want a baby girl. What should I do to have a 100% baby girl for my second baby?

Adopt. You could have eggs harvested and fertilized with dads sperm at a fertility center, then select a female for implantation.However, this is costly and not guaranteed to work. There are no ways to do it otherwise.You can obtain a girl through adoption, so if that is all you can live with that's your option.
Healthy baby. There is no gurantee that you would have a 100% girl. You have fifty- fifty chance for having a boy and a girl. I do not know of anything that you can do to gurantee a girl. Take care of your health and your well-being and hope you will have a healthy baby. Check with your doctor if you should take prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Your dr. Might have more advice for you. All the best.
100 PERCENT GIRL. The timing on sex on ovulation is not 100percent sure of having the sex you wanted. Any other opinion?