I have chronic locking at the knee joint. Along the meniscus. I am afraid I am doing damage around the knee cap? Can that happen? Please help

Locking knee. Chronic locking knee may be doing more damage to the medial and/or lateral compartment more so than the "knee cap" or patellofemoral compartment. Obtain correlating MRI studies to determine cause of locking and if there is loose body or bucket handle meniscal tear contact your orthopedist.
Usually not. Need to see an ortho. Locking could be meniscus. Possible loose body. Meniscus tear wont cause knee cap damage.
Locked knee. Consider meniscal tear or loose body, either of which can run off healthy joint surface cartilage.
Locking knee. Locking and giving out of the knee can cause damage to the articular surface of the knee. A meniscal tear causing locking of the knee should be taken care of arthroscopic ally.