What is pemphigus vulgaris?

An immune skin Dx. It is an autoimmune skin disease with many new treatment options.
Autoimmune skin. It is an autoimmune skin disease where the body makes antibodies against the cells in the top layer ofvthe skin and the skin sheds off. This must be seem and treated by a dermatologist with internal medications such as prednisone, immunosuppressive drugs such as cellcept, (mycophenolate mofetil) methotrexate, or a combination of tetracylclibe and niacinamide. See doc soon.

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What is the pemphigus vulgaris?

Pemphigus. Pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune disorder that involves blistering and sores (erosions) of the skin and mucus membranes.The immune system produces antibodies against specific proteins in the skin and mucus membranes. These antibodies break the bonds between skin cells. This leads to the formation of a blister. The exact cause is unknown. Sometimes pemphigus is caused by certain medications, . Read more...

Which foods are prohibited in pemphigus vulgaris?

None. Diet is not the key to managing pemphigus. It is difficult enough to have this without people telling what to eat or criticizing your food choices. Read more...