Needing a vitamin deficiency test done what are the main most important vitamins I should get tested for? Who gives these tests & what does it cost?

Depends. Any knowledgable doctor can do these tests. I do extensive vitamin and mineral testing routinely for my patients. An integrative medicine physician would be a good bet, especially one who does orthomolecular medicine. Many tests can be done through labcorp or quest, and may be covered by insurance. I test b vitamins, zinc, copper, rbc magnesium, and more.

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How can you get tested for a vitamin deficiency?

Vitamin testing. Blood levels of vitamins can be measured but these are often not helpful and or misleading. A level in the bloodstream may not have any correlation to the level of the vitamin in a tissue in the body. Total panel testing is usually not appropriate; a focused test for a level of a specific vitamin based upon a clinical exam is the only thing that would be appropriate. Read more...