What is the best breast implant product? Saline or silicon?

Both good. They're both good implants although they have different advantages. Saline implants are less expensive and create an "implant" appearance. Silicone implants are lighter, feel more natural, and are less likely to produce rippling.
Disagree. In my experience, saline implants placed under the muscle have a better outcome than gels because gels tend to develop contracture more and have the added problem of silent ruptures. Of course if someone is so thin you can see ribs, then any implant will be visible. It is the contracture which makes the implant look fake.
Both good choices. Saline filled devices are less expensive, may require a smaller incision, are easier to detect when they fail and are the only option for age 21 or younger. They may be heavier, may ripple and feel less natural. Silicone filled implants may feel softer and more breast-like, be lighter and less likely to show rippling. Discuss options with your surgeon.
Patient dependent. While saline and silicone implants feel different when in your hands, it is difficult to tell the difference once they are implanted in most patients. I recommend silicone implants for patients with very thin chest walls, because the rippling that is present in all implants is less prominent in silicone implants and will be less noticeable. Most often it is a matter of patient choice.
Consider carefully. Hi. I can tell you that the grass is always greener on the other side. Women with big boobs want smaller boobs; women with small boobs want bigger boobs. Maybe that means you should be content with what you've got. I bet your partner's not complaining! (Or if so, shop for a better partner!). Consider why you want bigger boobs and is there anything wrong with what you've got. Just sayin'...
It depends. on the individual patient. What is best depends on the individual oatuent circumstances and dedires. Please see an experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon for a better determination.
Depends on you? There is no one best implant or one safest implant. These are choices and not a right or wrong decision. It is a complex process. Most would agree that silicon provides superior aesthetic results which require regular follow up as well as risk of silent rupture & subsequent treatment. Saline ruptures are obvious and the implant may be more noticeable. Discuss with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Both are good. The choice of breast implant is individual and should be decided together with your plastic surgeon. Generally, saline may be heavier, more ripply and have a less natural breast feel whereas silicone may feel lighter, less ripply and more natural. Saline is easier to insert in a small incision and easier to detect if it ruptures. Both are not lifetime devices. Discuss options with your surgeon.
Safety consideration. Silicone toxicity due to hla type autoimmune reaction can occur with either implant. Chemical toxicity is more common with gel implants but is also seem with textured implants. Biotoxicity is seen with all types of implants and is often due to mold biotoxins as well as bacteria. See www.Thenakedtruthaboutbreastimplants.Com.
Silcon. It's like driving a bentley or a kia, both will get you where you are going, one is just a lot nicer and more reliable. Both implants will make your breasts larger, but the silicon implants will look and feel more natural in most cases, and are more durable and reliable.
Silicone. Feels & looks more natural, lower rupture rate, safe even if ruptured. Only 2 advantages of saline: smaller incision/scar and slightly more powerful to reshape tuberous breast.