My 5 yr old has had direah for 2 days he is pooping every 2 hrs straight liquid and before that he was puking for a day what should I do for him pleas?

Gastroenteritis. I would try to feed him through this. I would avoid juices and milk for a few days. I would also supplement his diet with pedialyte 1-2oz per diarrhea episode. If he is not urinating and has cracked, dry lips he may be getting dehydrated. If this is the case i would see your pediatrician.
Gastroenteritis. Child should be put on diet. No juice or milk. Give small feedings due to vomiting . Tea, crackers, rice, banana, sprite will help the lbm plus gatorade or pedialyte if needed to avoid dehydration.If diet does not work oral meds will do it.