I have a normal conoloscopy and endoscopy but every time I eat I have to run to the restroom stool red black or yellow with mucosa and very smelly?

Small bowel trouble? There are 15' - 18' of intestine between what can be seen with an upper endoscope and a colonoscope. Lots of room for potential trouble. Need small bowel exam. Capsule endoscopy gives best view of lining of small bowel; other tests can be ct or MRI enterography. Sounds like something going on, maybe crohn's disease, lymphoma, parasite, gist type tumor, other less common causes. See GI md now.
May need. Studies of your small bowel such as upper GI and small bowel xray or capsule endoscopy study to see if their is a source in your small bowel not seen on either scope for each direction.