When will my baby start to crawl?

Variable... ...Some as early as 9 mo, some only learn to crawl after they learn to walk. It seems to be related to a basic personality trait.
Around 8 to 9 months. Most babies sit at 6 months, and crawl a bit later, at about 8-9 months. Then they stand up around 10-12 months. At each regular check-up, the doctor can follow the baby's progress to be sure progress is within the normal timeframes.
6 months. Usually around 6 months is when babies begin to crawl. Remember that scooting, crawling backward and rolling around to get from place to place all qualify as crawling.
Depends. Crawling has a wide range of normal, from 8 months to ... Never (some baby skip crawling entirely.) by nine month though your baby should have some way to get places, either crawling or scooting or rolling purposefully to get to things he wants to get to.
8-9 months. Most infants are beginning to crawl or getting into a crawling position around 8 to 9 months.

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When will my baby start crawling? Walking? Talking?

Variably. Some babies start to crawls early as 5 or 6 months, but usually start to craw backwards, some as late as 9 months. Some babies never crawl but only walk. Some babies walk ass early ass 7 o- 9 months, but the average is 12-14 months. A baby is ot considered delayed in walking until after 16 months. There iss an association with crawling and reading. Read more...
Great questions! You can customize the American Academy of Pediatrics' HealthyChildren app or website HealthyChildren.org for your child's age. You'll get great information & anticipatory guidance that pediatricians are no longer allowed time to give. Developmental screens are on firstsigns.org. Giving you norms like 3 words at a year doesn't doesn't describe evolution of social communication & reciprocity. . Read more...

1.When will my baby be able to lift his head? 2. When will my baby roll-over on his stomach? 3. When will my baby start crawling?

See below. Full-term born infant achieves lifting head by 2 months, roll-over by 5 months, and crawling by 7-8 months of age. Slight delay up to a month may occur to your baby since he was a pretermer. Read more...