I have varicose veins & 1 in left leg that bulges. I found out that the blood flow is going the wrong way 2 yrs ago, should I be concerned?

Bulging leg veins. Fortunately, blood flow going the wrong way in varicose veins doesn't mean that your overall circulation is bad. So, in that sense, you don't have to be concerned. On the other hand, varicose vein disease is a progressive problem that will get worse with time. Leg elevation and stockings will help symptoms but won't fix the problem. I would also recommend that you see a vein specialist.
Consult a vascular . You should consult a vascular surgeon and may need surgery or sclerotherapy or laser treatment meanwhile you may elevation of leg while resting wear graduated compression stocking with variable pressure gradient.
Get it fixed. If you have reflux in your legs, you should fix it before it causes problems. Miamibeachvein.Com for more info on treatments or phlebology.Org for referrals.