Anytime I get a little nervous I throw up, I don't know why. I get like this over any little situation. Why?

IBS likely. Brain and gut have receptors form the same neurochemicals. What affects one affects the other. Get checked that there is no other GI issue causing. If not, consider behavioral therapy, meditation, biofeedback, or other method to quiet your gut response to stress.
See a doctor. If anxiety is so high that it leads to nausea and vomiting, it needs to be taken seriously. Depending on the triggers, these symptoms can be signs of social anxiety, panic disorder, a trauma-related disorder, etc. But nausea can also reflect non-psychiatric disorders that can actually cause anxiety, so it is important to see a general doctor.
Vomiting and Tingly. It depends upon how long this has been happening. Presuming there is no physical reason for it (like a stomach flu, blood pressure problems, etc.) it could be a sign of an anxiety disorder, such as a panic disorder, social anxiety, or generalized anxiety. The best way to find out is see your doctor so he/she can go over the details of these problems.