Having pain in upper abdomen. Negative for gallstones and normal hida scan. What else could it be?

GI. Next step in workup would be to see a gastroenterologist for further workup. They will need to rule out stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, etc...
Many things. Pain in upper abdomen can because by different organs in region. The pancreas with pancreatic, stomach with gastritis or ulcer, duodenum with duodeniti or ulcer, large bowel with colitis, and esophagus with eophagitis and reflux can cause upper abdominal pain. Endoscopy of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum often reveals the problem. Should be referred to gasroenterologist if symptoms continue.
Stomach. The discomfort may be related to a stomach issue. Resee your doctor.

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Gallstones found on U/S, HIDA scan & upper endoscopy came back normal but still having attacks of debilitating pain in upper abdomen breastbone area?

Possibly GERD. Ask your doctor if an esophogram or esophageal manometry is indicated. You may also try new non prescription medications for GERD.
Might not be. Might not be related, need to check with your doctor as you may have another GI issue such as GERD or hiatal hernia.
Other possibilities. Some people are asymptomatic with gall stones. Assume CCK was administered as part of HIDA scan. Any organ in the chest region, which includes the lungs, heart and ribs, can be a source of pain. Make sure all systems are checked for possible source of pain.

Was diagnosed with gallstones but Hida scan showed gallbladder functioning properly. But have burning in upper stomach when I eat.?

Two separate areas. Hi The burning, if it is in the upper middle of the stomach or abdomen area, that is more likely a symptoms of GERD (acid reflux) instead of gallbladder disease, which is usually more to the right side. It is also possible to have gallbladder related pain due to gallstones that intermittently block passage of bile into the digestive tract when the gallbladder is contracting. Hope this helps.

Gallstones seen on u/s & having severe pain in my abdomen however HIDA scan came back normal, is it possible pain is still related 2 gallbladder?

Yes. Standard HIDA scan will generally be abnormal only in the setting of cholecystitis. If you have pain due to gallstone attack/biliary colic, or functional gallbladder disorder/gallbladder dyskinesia, the standard HIDA may be normal.

Can gallbladder issues cause your upper abdomen on both sides to feel bloated and slightly tender? Dr says no stones going for hida scan soon.

If your doctor. Has ordered a HIDA scan, he/she strongly suspects gallbladder disease. US is highly sensitive for detection of gallstones, but no diagnostic test is always 100%. If CCK injection re-produces your symptoms, it is highly likely that cholecystectomy would be advised.

I have a pain in my upper abdomen from about 5 months. My doctor sent me a lot of studies and the hida scan revealed a 38%. Can it be the reason for the pain?

Yes. If a hida shows ejection fraction of 38%, this is borderline for biliary dyskinesia, or gallbladder dysfunction (35% is abnormal). Biliary dyskinesia can often cause right upper quadrant abdominal pain.
Yes and no. There are several potential causes for abdominal pain or discomforts. A 99mtc-hida scan is performed to detect intra or extrahepatic billiary obstruction and to evaluate the ejection fraction of the gallbladder which, usually, should be more then 40%. In your case it is very borderline. If endoscopy and ultrasound study are normal, it would be relevant to perform another hida to control the ef.
Many causes of pain. In adults above 35% gb ejection fraction is considered normal. Sometimes this test is inconclusive if typical symptoms and clinical findings point to gall bladder disease. Every other cause of symptoms pancreatitis, gastritis, esophagitis should be excluded before surgical therapy contemplated. Sometimes avoidance of fatty foods can alleviate symptoms of gall bladder disease.

Been diagnosed w gallstones, been having severe pain in my abdomen & scheduled 4 a HIDA scan, will that determine if the pain is due to gallbladder?

Helps narrow cause. A HIDA scan measures the rate at which bile is released from your gallbladder. Delayed emptying may a sign of the gallstones blocking the exit from the gall bladder, and this can cause pain. There are other causes for abnormal HIDA scans also. If the test is normal, another problem may be causing your pain.

Is it urgent to have HIDA scan when have gallstones, probable blockage or mass, severe abdominal pain with abdomen fluid, no appetite/vomiting, nausea?

Gall stones. For gall stone and blockage HIDA scan probably not going to contribute much, Your physician is suspecting something else. If you are suffering with it have it done ASAP if not right away.
Sounds urgent to me! If you have severe abdominal pain with abdominal fluid, nausea, vomiting and no appetite, I hope that you are in the hospital. A HIDA scan (Cholescintigraphy, hepatobiliary scintigraphy) is used to evaluate problems with your gallbladder, and evaluate the bile-excreting function of your liver, and to track the flow of bile from your liver. The HIDA scan can help determine the best treatment.
Urgency up to doctor. Hida scan tells us how well to gallbladder is functioning not structural abnormalities. As to urgency, that question would best be answered by your physician!
Yes. The wording here leaves to question if the gall bladder is surgically absent, so the answer is the same: Unless this presentation has been worked up, it is urgent to have a HIDA (cholescintigraphy) to rule out acalculous gallbladder disease, high-grade and partial biliary obstruction, or even postcholecystectomy pain syndrome, like sphincter-of-Oddi dysfunction & biliary atresia. Urgent=today.