Age 27.Bleeding bright red blood 6 days after the end of my period. Not on the pill. Periods normal otherwise. Increased acne suddenly and tummy pain.

Pregnant? Are you sure you are not pregnant? Or having a miscarriage ? Sometimes hormones just change on their own at your age but be certain it isn't or couldn't be something else before you assume it's just hormonal change. It could be that for some reason you did not ovulate this cycle. If it does not stop soon and you are positive pregnancy is not a possibility then see your d. There is help.

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Is it normal to bleed after a BM? I saw bright red blood on the tissue, nothing after. My period is due tomorrow and I'm on the pill help

Blood with BM. It is important to visit your medical provider for a full physical exam when you note blood in your bowel movement. Bright red blood per rectum, BRBPR, needs to be evaluated and there are several aspects of your medical history your doctor needs to know. I have attached some information from the NIH for you. Prepare for your appointment: Read more...