Liver pain or gullbader pain when I eat or drink fluids what should I do or what can I do from 1 to 10 the pain is about 8? What should I do?

No Motrin 4 GI pain. Pain upper right abdomen with meals can also be (mainly) stomach ulcer or gastritis and can be aggravated by ibuprophen-motrin. Until diagnostic proven to be not from the stomach, then motrn can be used. Any pain from upper abdomen with meals, rule out stomach origin first as it is much more frequent than liver-gallstone problems and wrong med (motrin) can aggravate stomach ulcer and can even kill.
Upper abdominal pain. It is difficult to say if the upper abdomen pain is from liver or gall bladder. The pain from gb is usually in r upper part just underneath the rib cage.You would need an ultrasound to confirm a gall stone and it is important to get evaluated soon. You may take Ibuprofen 600mg with food for temporary relief of pain.