Can I infect with hepatitis b, if eat together in one plate and using the same spoon? Should I check hep b? Tq

Possible. If any of other people sharing the same spoon has hep b, contamination of spoon with even trace amounts of blood tainted saliva could infect others. For prevention you should get vaccinated with hep b vaccine and hygienic eating methods are advisable.
No. Hep b is a transmitted through blood, sex or during childbirth. It cannot be transmitted through casual contact or sharing silverware. Razors or toothbrushes should never be shared.

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Is it possible to have sex with some one infected with hepatitis b and not get it?

Yes. Having sex won't necessarily pass on hepatitis b but it is not recommended to have unprotected sex as it can pass sexually fairly easily. To be safe one should wear a condom. Read more...