My vision was clear after catarct surgery but now I'm experiencing vision that does not seem clear in left eye. Had yag laser but still not clear?

Need retinal exam. I would ask to have an oct performed on your retina. Macular edema can cause a decrease in vision after cataract surgery .
Check the retina. After cataract surgery and even after nd:yag capsulotomy, the eye can develop cystoid macular edema or cme. Cme can develop typically four to eight weeks after cataract surgery or yag. It results in a dulling or blurring of the central vision caused by swelling of the retinal tissue. It is very treatable if caught early. See a retinal specialist.
Need more info. If yag laser was completed, and opening adequate, the the other issues would be......Need for glasses , clarity of the cornea, and/ or the functioning of the macula in the back of the eye. Talk to your ophthalmologist .