What does normal baby poop look like?

Pretty much aything. Normal colors are shades of brown, yellow, and green; black, white or bloody is abnormal (although some foods can make it in those colors). "too hard" and "too watery" are really subjective measures -- we call it diarrhea if there are too many watery stools with discomfort, and constipation if the child seems to suffer from inability to pass. And breast milk makes a classic "yellow seedy" stool.
Varies. The color is anywhere on a spectrum of yellow to orange to green to brown-- all of these colors are normal. The consistency can be anywhere from applesauce to play-doh. It's all good. Don't spend a lot of time worrying about the color and consistency of baby poo.
Soft, loose, yellow. Babies older than a week should have yellowish poops with the thickness of mustard or thick spaghetti sauce. Breastfeeding babies can have even looser poops. Formula-fed babies have firmer poops, but poop that holds shape would be too firm for the first 3-4 months of life. Poop gets darker, with brown/green colors blended in, and also gets firmer, as a baby gets older.