How do you know if you have pancreatitis?

Continued. Also the patient's history can help out. Is there a lot of alcohol intake, do they have gallstones, high cholesterol? What medicines do they take.
Symptoms and tests. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. Patients feel pain in the central upper abdomen and back. If you have pain like this further testing can tell whether or not it is from the pancreas. Blood tests (amylase and lipase levels) and scans such as ultrasound, cat scans or MRI scans can be used to look at the pancreas.
By symptoms and exam. For acute pancreatitis, there might be pain close to the belly button that radiates to the back. There may be nausea, and/or fever. If pancreatitis is suspected, then blood and imaging studies may be ordered to confirm the diagnosis. Symptoms and causes for chronic pancreatitis differ. It is best when talking to your doc, to describe your symptoms rather than go in with a set diagnosis.