What should I be feeding my baby?

Food allergies. Babies with a strong family history of food allergies should be advanced more slowly.
Breastmilk, then mor. From birth: breastmilk; starting at 4-6 months, add complementary foods (usually a single grain cereal).
Depends. It depends on whether you are breast or bottle feeding. Exclusively breast fed babies should not start solids until 6 months of age as formula fed babies can start at 4 months. Usually i start with cereals, starting with small amounts and increasing the volume over 3-4 days. If there is no reaction then i offer a different cereal. Next i offer vegetables then fruit, in the same manner.

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What amount of and what should I feed my baby?

Depends on age. Infants triple their birth weight by one year of age. They go through several growth spurts in the first 4 months - so respond to their wants. For the first 5-6 months, babies should only get breast milk or formula - if your baby seems hungry after a feeding, give them a bit more until they are satisfied. At 5-6 months, start solids with one small meal a day. . Read more...