I've gallbladder stone of 9mm, fatty liver, triglyceride of 197, astronomy 40 and ALT 87.Are all are related? Suggest me.

Get healthier. The most likely common link among all these factors is being overweight and (probably) underactive physically. The gallstone is not likely a direct cause or result of the other findings. Upper abdominal pain triggered by eating will likely be an indicator of need for gallbladder surgery in the future. Most importantly, take steps to get healthier overall.

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After eating I feel some pain in my right abdomen. I 've a gallbladder stone of 9mm and fatty liver with aft 40 ald ALT 87 suggest me.

Needs workup. Sounds like u need to consult with a surgeon to better inderstand if removing your diseased gallbladder will change your symptoms. Read more...